At Visionary Massage, I aim to help your body function as purposed. First by bringing instant relief to chronic and acute pain. While working over the long-term to reset your body and increase your physical mobility and comfort.


When my clients get off the table, they experience serious change. I utilize techniques including acupressure, swedish massage, hot stones, neuromuscular massage, myofascial release, and Lomi Lomi (Forearm Flow).

I bring my table and supplies to your home and I am flexible to work with your schedule. Call today to begin your journey to healing.

I’m a licensed massage therapist.

I have been practicing in Albuquerque since 2015, since completing certification from The Crystal Mountain School of Massage. I strive to bring lasting relief to chronic and acute physical pain and love to see my patients truly heal. I provide in-home massage appointments, working with your schedule at your convenience.

I can come to your home or workplace, and your satisfaction is guaranteed
I value being a part of a healthcare profession that helps enrich the lives of everyday people as they reach their goals of living pain and stress free.

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